The 1,000 word stare

It is quite simply the most soothing sound I have ever heard. It has the insistency of a waterfall’s fight with gravity, the rhythm of a wave’s caress, the lightness of a leave’s rustle, the glow of a pollen-laden honeybee’s wing-beat. Ned’s voice. His chest barely moves and the […]

… This Just In …

… This Just In …. PRs: can’t live ’em, can’t live with ’em. If you work on a newsdesk sooner or later, you’ll be calling IT for a replacement phone. ‘Uh, ok. We’ll be right there. What seems to be the problem?’ ‘It’s the phone, it’s not working.’ […]

Conference is told the splash isn't going to work out

Journalese: Conference

Hemingway had bull fights. Papers have conference. A fireside chat, they are not. A cross between a stag weekend in Vegas and Guernica, newspaper editorial conference has enough blood, sweat and tears to entice even the most jaded HBO executive to reach for the cheque book and screen […]

Middens and Piss-pots

Dawn’s light smuggled itself into the village. Like spider threads in the breeze, streaks of sunlight slinked through the tops of the trees before pouring into the patches of the cleared forest. It lapped up against the dozen or so huts before spilling back to form shimmering pools […]

Survive Your Newsroom: Chief Sub

There is one person who can ruin your career in a newspaper newsroom – and it’s not the Editor. Chief Sub. Chief Sub may sound like the latest lunchtime special from your sandwich deli but do not be fooled. In the slippery world of newspaper internal politics it […]

Welts and wealds

“You smell like a hog, Vannius. Get up!” The words hung in the air, along with the smoke. “I said: Get up!” Again, firmer in tone but with the same little effect on the comatose figure sprawled on the furs, his snores wafting little gusts of ash and […]