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We blog therefore we am.

The tanks  are not just on the lawn anymore

ONCE upon a time newspapers seemed unassailable: they survived the arrival of popular radio, commercial television and the proliferation of satellite TV. And despite all the odds they kept pulling in those lucrative advertising dollars year after year. They relentlessly saw off the competition and kept on partying, […]

How not to save your firm’s reputation

Like many a miserably paid hack I’ve occasionally been tempted by the lure of better rewards in the public relations sector; to leave the ranks of the poachers and become a gamekeeper. I’ve never taken the plunge but plenty of colleagues have – and generally they’ve done pretty […]

Charlie’s toots

Originally posted on hack4hire:
A lot of us want to know … Just how pissed, how often, was Charlie Kennedy? A lot of functioning alcoholics must have been involved in the solemn reporting of his drink problem, which never again went unmentioned once it had been admitted.…

Blood in the water, hack as pack animal

The Shed is instinctively suspicious of a hue & cry and feels obliged to make a point or two about Sepp Blatter being hounded into resignation from the presidency of Fifa. Shed experience includes some time in newsrooms and it is undoubtedly safe to say that a lot of […]