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Ears open for the very best black humour from your newsroom

Survive Your Newsroom: The Lawyer

There’s two types of lawyer. Those who want to keep your best stories out of the paper and those that keep your best stories out of the paper. Lawyers view every piece of copy, every picture caption, every headline as a libel case waiting to happen. And when […]

Journalese: Eccies

Say what you like about made-up stories in tabloids but when it comes to creative writing at the hands of a hack, nothing – and we mean nothing-  beats the the skill deployed when a journo comes to writing up their ‘ecces’. Senior hacks will tell you that […]

Journalese: Ripping

Believe it or not, dear reader, there was a time when journalists didn’t ‘repurpose’ content. It was a time when stories – or content, if you’ve hung out with marketing for more than a nanosecond – were actually produced by ringing people up, meeting humans (you know, the […]

Survive Your Newsroom: Pol Corr

They’re like taxi drivers: once you get them started they’ll never stop. Any topic, doesn’t matter. From macro-economic policy to which researcher is shagging their researcher. Ask them to speculate and you can settle back and get on with the rest of your day while they fill air […]

The right to forget

Memory is a burden. A sack of worn-out belongings that have no purpose. Every memory keeps us in check, a stop light on our journey as we recall outcomes from the past when faced with the same junction. I was just three years old when I realised I […]

Journalese: Bigfooting

Ah, the freedom of the open road. You’ve got the address, your subject has not yet given any interviews and thanks to an insomniac newsdesk you’re probably first on the road for The Big Story. All goes to plan: they talk, they even give you some pictures – […]