Charlie’s toots


A lot of us want to know …

Just how pissed, how often, was Charlie Kennedy?

A lot of functioning alcoholics must have been involved in the solemn reporting of his drink problem, which never again went unmentioned once it had been admitted. But all of them would swear they still earned their wages in between toots.

The Shed recalls a young reporter relating his encounter with the legendary boozer of a South Yorkshire newspaper, who, as usual, had slipped out at 11.30 am, leaving his jacket on his chair, and taken the apprentice on a tour of local pubs, and his mates, until 3 pm, when he returned to the office and started typing.

“And he turned out the next splash?” his audience suggested.

“No, it was all bollocks,” said the youngster.

But heavy drinkers do sometimes continue to do their jobs quite well and they like to have…

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