Punk’s Not Dead & Neither is Journalism

Call me, Call me me Ishamael!

Call me Dave…, Call me John….er…Call me Ishamael!

Journalists have always filtered grassroots tips and observations and here, it can be argued, digital expansion and ‘citizen journalism’ actually strengthens the hand of the original gatekeepers as they transition into a digital environment.

Citizen journalism can be partial and non-objective but it has the advantage of being raw intel. It behoves the trained journalist to sift through what is fact, what is comment and what is fiction.


 blog post week 5

This blog was published with the help of mobile technology, participatory culture, free speech and just a dash of research but could something like this ever contribute to journalism?

In order for journalism to be successful in this new digital environment Pavlik (2013) suggests it needs to involve research, freedom of speech, truth, accuracy and ethical decision making. Not only that but it is suggested news needs to be even more participatory and reciprocal. (Domingo 2008) Audience participation is encouraged at some levels of journalism such as ‘interpretation’ through comment and debate once the issue is in the public sphere and distribution through sharing functions, again, once it is already in the public sphere. However when it comes to deciding what in the whole world of observation and experience is newsworthy, in the stage that Domingo (2008) refers to as the filtering and selection stage, there is little to…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog. I’m still quite torn about this issue, I don’t want to argue against participation, it’s so important to be able to access the broadest range of perspectives on an issue but at the same time I don’t want to argue for a free-for-all environment where participation of mass audiences causes a lower quality of journalism.
    Gatekeeping also seems to carry such a negative connotation, it’s a little uncomfortable to think that instead of gatekeeping for the interests of accuracy and truth in journalism, at times gatekeeping is perceived to filter out facts that are inconvenient to the presentation of a certain agenda.
    Again, thank you for the reblog.

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