Survive Your Newsroom

They never open their mouths without subtracting from the sum of human knowledge

You remember that lecturer that told you how newsrooms work?

Yep. They were wrong

Newsroom Day One ain’t pretty for the uninitiated but don’t worry, help is at hand. Over the next few days, we’ll walk you through the socialites, sociopaths and just plain normal – yep, that’s Frank, former fleet manager now in Circulation, but that’s yer lot – that inhabit the psychiatric ward masquerading as an office.

Know thine enemy: backbench

Know thine enemy: backbench

Some of the other tenants in your building – because newspapers are too skint to command their own empires anymore – even say hello in the lift, but once you step out onto your own floor carrying your boss’s coffee (you didn’t forget, did you?) you’ll have to be on your guard.

Luckily, this guide to the worst the Street has to offer will set you on your way to climbing the greasy pole.  After all, land a few daggers in enough backs and soon you’ll have a ldder – all the way to the top.


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