A journalist is someone who works harder than any other lazy person in the world

In a time before reddit, there were newspapers. Quite good ones, too. Full of people. And people are great, in the main. They’re not perfect but they’ll do.

And that’s what newspapers were. Not perfect, but they did what they were designed to do.

Their time has largely passed. Everyone’s their own editor these days. Sitting in your basement in sweatpants crunching Cheetos running your ideas past your cat really is no different to morning conference. Believe me.

An editor is, as they say, the one who sorts out the wheat from the chaff – and prints the chaff.

So here we’ll celebrate the vibrant villainy of newspapers. It wasn’t all phone hacking and bin raiding – well, not always – and it takes a certain breed to stick it out on a doorstep when all before them have failed. Because at the end of the day, apple A, apple C, apple V, isn’t really journalism, is it?


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